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Construction services

Our scope of Construction

Dar Al Maghraby has been in the business of residential and commercial developments for countless of years. Therefore, the company has been able to successfully satisfy the entire spectrum of home and entertainment needs through its developments.

As both developer and contractor, Dar Al Maghraby ensures a tighter rein on quality control in all phases of the homebuilding process, from site planning and design to sales, service and customer relations.

Dar Al Maghraby utilizes skilled crews and the latest technology and machinery to deliver high-quality solutions that address the specific requirements of each project.

- Tender phase 

- Mobilization phase 

- Construction phase 

- Warranty phase 

In all phases, we manage our efforts to realize the balance of quality assurance, cost control & time-saving.



Dar Al Maghraby’s work is not limited to its own projects in the field of construction. Dar Al Maghraby has captured the attention of various clients that entrusted the company to implement their own projects too due to Dar Al Maghraby’s experience, accuracy and speed of delivery. Dar Al maghraby's contributions expand throughout Egypt catering to other national projects.